Binghamton University Art & Design


Project 4: UX Design

For this project, I teamed up with 4 of my classmates to analyze the Binghamton University Art & Design webpage, exploring its many facets ad pathways, and ultimately calling upon its User Experience. As a group, we were striving to come up with a refined UX design for the website, focusing on condensing essential informatin for a variety of personas, such as prospective students, Univeristy Faculty, and students within the program, while still keeping up an aesthtic. Wire frames, user flows, journey maps, and surveys were all conducted to ascertain a comprehensive evaluation of the website. Overall, we were able to finely pinpoint the problems we saw, and ultimately produce a refined, more efficient and pleasurable User Experience. Project 4: UX Design


Project 3: Article Illustrations

The first thing that popped into my mind upon being introduced to this assignment was the scandal that surrounded Lionel Messi. The world-class futbol superstar was being accused of 4.2 million euros worth of tax evasion. For some reason, ever since I heard about the news in 2015 it always stuck with me. Messi ranked second on a list of 10 famous athletes facing the same criminal accusation. The first thing did was sketch a portrait of Lionel Messi, coincidentally with a devastated expression. I took my professor's advice to bring the lustration into an adobe suite (Illustrator) and started to mess around with the paintbrush tool. I really enjoyed using different tones to distinguish depth, shadows, highlights, etc., and just ran with it. The entire ilustration was completed with the paintbrush tool and the help of the eyedropper tool. To associate the image of Messi with his pending charges, I added the simple element of jail bars in the background. Here is the link.

Professor Lahoda had shown the class a plethora of NY Times articles online, so afterwards I headed over to their website. I looked for one article in particular; one that dealt with one of my favorite artists, Tavis scott. The article I found was titled 'The 25 Songs That Matter Right Now', and highlighted at #5 was Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode". It break downs the timeline and path of contributors towards the song. I used numbers and connecting lines to push the idea of a string of contributors behind the success of the song. Here is the link .After nearly finished with my Messi illustration in Illustrator, I was excited to go in the same direction, and started with an illustration of Travis. I was really hapy with how it came out, especially since I'm no expert in portrait drawings, so I went ahead and worked on it with the paintbrush tool. The photograph I got of Travis is from his Rolling Stone issue, and uses a bright flash to highlight his skin. I tried my best to imitate the shading, as well as the tone and surface of his skin brought out by the flash. I think this one of my more prouder moments regarding my work on a computer. I've always seen this style of work done on social media and thought it was my time to try it out. The Messi is a bit raw but I feel the Travis illustration is more complete and accurate.

With all the hype surrounding Jordan Peele, I felt it was only rght to pay homage. 'Get Out' was Jordan Peele's directorial debut in 2017, and now in 2019 we have his second product with the highly anticipated 'Us'. March 22nd was the start of it's box office opening weekend (hence the calendar in my ilustration), and what a weekend it was grossing $70 million across North america. I approached the assignment the same as I did for the other illustrations, and produced another solid portrait, this time for Mr. Peele. However, in contrast to Messi and Travis, the photograph is rather subtle; no tragic expression, no stunnin gphotography involved. I decided to treat the illustration with close detail to two things: Peele's pigment and the shadowing within his hair. The different highlights of his grey hairs was interesting to play with as a means for depth, especially using such a flattening tool as the paintbrush tool. Nevertheless, layering was the ultimate key in giving the entire illustration a 3d effect. Here is the link for more impressive information on Peele's masterpiece.

Project 2: Icon

For my second poject, I set out to create an icon that I asociate with my character: A scale. A scale is constantly being put through the task of one side outweighing the other, but ultimately striving to become balanced. I find balance to be crucial in my everyday life and find comfort in being level-headed.

Project 1: Intention

I created this Postcard with my ambitions at the forefront. I know my worth and my capabilities, but rarely will I utilize my artistic side and sitdown and create for the fun of it. I want this postcard to serve as motivation in the future; to remind myself to get past the laziness and the mental blocks. I want to further tap into my creative reserves and be able to perform to my fullest potential.